About Us

Salt River Irrigation & Soil Conditioning provides flood irrigation and organic soil conditioning for municipalities, school districts, and residences serviced by SRP water. The company was founded in 1977 and has been under the leadership of the current owner since 2006. We are a veteran-owned business with a focus on providing exceptional service to all of our clients.

HOW flood Irrigation WORKS

Water is delivered to customers who live in close proximity to the Phoenix-area canal system. We coordinate the ordering and scheduling of water, which is delivered through underground pipes directly to the desired area. Flood Irrigation in the Phoenix Metro area is the perfect way to maintain a lush, healthy lawn while conserving water in our desert environment.

If soil is healthy, water should be absorbed in 10–12 hours. If your soil is compacted or you're experiencing standing water, add the CBX organic soil conditioner to expedite absorption. Water is typically delivered on a two-week rotation during the summer (April through October) and a 30-day rotation the rest of the year.


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