Salt River Irrigation handles delivers more than 1 billion gallons of water to customers each year. We specialize in all areas of the flood irrigation process and manage flood irrigation for commercial and residential properties throughout the valley; including the City of Phoenix and Scottsdale Unified School District. There is no better option to manage your flood irrigation services than Salt River Irrigation. With more than 30 years in the valley and being a licensed, bonded, & insured company, we are the clear choice for your flood irrigation needs.

City Building


City parks and public areas welcome residents with lush grass and well-established foliage. Keep your city looking great and inviting with easy-to-deliver flood irrigation. If you’re within close proximity of the canal system, this low-cost alternative can keep your grounds green year round.

Unlike some flood irrigation companies, Salt River Irrigation is fully insured, including workers' comp, so you can rest easy.  Our hassle free service works around your schedule, scheduling water delivery when it works for you, all while saving you money on your flood irrigation and maintenance needs. 

School Building



One of the great things about the Phoenix area is that we enjoy more than 300 sunny days per year. For this reason schools have large green areas for outdoor sports and play. Maintaining these areas, however, can be time consuming and costly. Underground sprinklers require constant maintenance, are easily broken, and are much less effective than flood irrigation. 

Flood irrigation offers a cost-effective, reliable solution.

By working with Salt River Irrigation, school districts can save money by outsourcing flood irrigation responsibilities.  We can tailor your watering schedule to accommodate events, providing water on Friday afternoons during the school year to ensure maximum usage during the week.

Residential Building


Large lawns require care and maintenance that can sometimes be overwhelming. Flood irrigation is a great solution, but handling it on your own is daunting. That's where Salt River Irrigation comes in. We are licensed and insured, with professional, conscientious staff. We can handle the entire irrigation process for you, including maintenance and repairs. 

Set up a regularly scheduled delivery or schedule as needed and we will take care of the rest. A more beautiful lawn is only one phone call away.