Organic Soil Conditioning

Looking for a solution to your soil problems? 

Soil is an essential element in the flood irrigation process. Healthy soil is full of enzymes, nutrients, micro-organisms, nitrogen, sugars and proteins. It is literally a microscopic ecosystem that, when functioning properly, facilitates aeration, absorption, root expansion, and creates an all-around healthy environment for your plants' root systems.

damaged soil

Years of farming or other circumstances can cause damage to your soil preventing it from properly nourishing vegetation and absorbing irrigation quickly enough. Damaged soil has several distinct symptoms: 

  • Standing Water for more than two days

  • Stagnant odor accompanying flood irrigation

  • Mosquitos

  • Buildup of crust-like substance when the water dries up

We have partnered with the makers of CBX (Complete Biological Extract) to offer you the very best option for restoring balance to your soil and revitalizing you plants' root systems by using a product that is non-toxic, composed entirely of organic components, and delivers great results! Learn more about CBX.

CBX has proven to be a major factor in balancing out soil that has become unbalanced. By balancing out the life of your soil with CBX everything that grows within or on that soil will be more productive.

Salt RIver Irrigation for Healthier soil & happier plants

Soil Layers

With the help of CBX and Salt River Irrigation your soil can start to return to it's natural state. Soil is made naturally by placing many layers of organic material over rock,  having microorganisms and other critters convert it into soil. Various species of plants grow, die, and return to the soil, building fertility and complexity with each layer. As the soil improves, different plants grow until a desert becomes an oasis. Damaged soil can take years to recover, with us this process can happen much more quickly, seeing results in weeks. 

Our process helps your soil do what it's designed to do. Layer organic matter for a dense rich ground. We do not disrupt your lawn with digging or testing,  just organic matter continually breaking down into soil, which then feeds the next generation of plants. Soil organisms include the bacteria and fungi protozoa and nematodes, mites, springtails, earthworms and other tiny creatures found in healthy soil. These organisms are essential for plant growth. They help convert organic matter and soil minerals into the vitamins, hormones, disease-suppressing compounds and nutrients that plants need to grow.